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Heart to Beat files Heart to Beat , read online Heart to Beat , free Heart to Beat , free Heart to Beat , Heart to Beat 3625057ad Success Is Not Reserved For The Smartest Or Most Talented It S Earned By Those Who Want It The Most Heart Conquers All And The Triumphant Always Go All In, Never Settling For Anything Less Than Their Best Effort As A Leading Heart Transplant Surgeon, Dr Brian Lima S Life Story Is A Testament To That Mantra He S Living Proof That Slow And Steady Still Wins The Race, And That The American Dream Is Alive And Well He Persevered Through Countless Challenges Growing Up In A Cuban Immigrant Family And Defied The Odds Every Step Of The Way To Fulfill His Impossible Dream, Dr Lima Opted For The Road Less Traveled, Enduring Nearly Twenty Years Of Rigorous Education And Surgical Training At Some Of The Most Prestigious Institutions In The World In Heart To Beat, Dr Lima Shares The Lessons Learned Throughout His Improbable Rise To The Pinnacle Of Success In The Medical Field He Breaks Down The Keys To Advancing Well Beyond Your Comfort Zone And Perceived Limitations, Regardless Of Your Field Of Interest No Dream Is Too Far Fetched And His Heart Way Approach To Life Will Help Unleash Your Full Potential And Surpass Your Wildest Expectations

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    Dr Lima s journey from a regular middle class New Jersey kid to a highly skilled heart surgeon is incredible.He endured nearly 20 years of rigorous education and surgical training to become a cardiac surgeon and throughout his book shares valuable life lessons.This book is a must read for anyone interested in going to medical school, learning what it takes to become a leading transplant surgeon, or someone looking for a fantastic story that shows the American Dream is alive and well.4.5 5 stars

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    There is something about reading about other peoples successes that really motivates people I feel like even if you aren t a doctor, you can find something valuable in these words It s inspiring and motivating to read about Dr Brian Lima I loved the way he put his findings and journey into works Compelling and Enlightening

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    Dr Brian Lima has put together an informative, inspirational, and overall great read There were a lot of ins and outs and this book is not just about one thing, you will get much from it than you expect.Written in a fact based style while also being witty and giving the reader personal tidbits that make the author compelling, it s really a very well balanced book.

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    Heart to Beat A Cardiac Surgeon s Inspiring Story of Success and Overcoming Adversity The Heart Way by Brian Lima is an inspiring read A story of faith and determination as one man proves that slow and steady wins the races Full of personal stories that are sure to inspire you A lovely read that is sure to make you stop and think I received a complimentary copy from RABT Book Tours and the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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    To me, the heart of this story is the fact that we are given someone who really sets out to achieve so much than the average person would expect But you know what You don t have to be a doctor to succeed in life I think that this is the perfect book to showcase how no matter what you do in life, it s important to have a certain drive to push through obstacles and overcome Thinking outside of the box, not becoming stagnant in your field, that is the only way you will achieve something such as this Kudos to Dr Brian Lima for bringing us a book that is full of so much great subject matter, but also making it relatable and dare I say fun to read about Set your goals higher than you have been, and crush them

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    The way I can describe this book is that it is smooth and cohesive There is a lot of data, yet the author manages to present it in a way that is not confusing or overwhelming I liked the fact that we are given many real world examples and how his journey translates to that of the lives of us all We may not all be heart surgeons, but Dr Brian Lima manages to inspire us all

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