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    Yes, she did it again Dear Amy Harmon turned me into an emotional trainwreck I always tell myself before starting any of her books Nope I m not gonna cry I m gonna concentrate on funny things like my besties effort to squeeze her big butt into two size smaller jeans or my husband s face expression when I serve him dinner But, I failed again I dropped ugly, nasty, tormenting, vicious, dirty tears I cannot stop myself This book has epic, heart wrenching, memorable, beautiful, genuine, poignant story with its memorable, so easily likeable characters You want to give them hug and meet with them in real life to befriend them The pacing, the stunning, thought provoking, violent, dark, realistic historical facts which crush our souls show the ugly face and shameful parts of humanity that we need to learn lessons and pass them to our next generations She didn t sugarcoat anything and tell directly, objectively those parts which break our hearts and ache for beautiful souls of those amazing characters.Naomi is tough, determined, warrior soul to do whatever it takes to protect her family and build a life for them as John straddles between two worlds and cannot cope any of them They fought, they hurt, they burned, they suffered, they cried, they struggled but they never gave up on each other.Bring out your napkins and set your ugly tears free, take your ticket for this fast pacing, mesmerizing, spell binding, gripping, emotional, memorable journey.Normally I m not a big fan of historical fictions but Kristin Hannah and Amy Harmon changed my idea made me lose myself into their books This one is a BIG WINNER and get ready to go blind and feel the fantastic spirit of the story.Special thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for sharing this incredible books ARC COPY in exchange my honest review And so much thanks to Amy Harmon who creates a heartbreaking symphonies with words for writing this wonderful book.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Where the Lost Wander, an epic and haunting love story set on the Oregon Trail is available for pre order on in e book, paperback, and audio.Release date April 28, 2020PRE ORDER KINDLE PAPERBACK AUDIO He s a man straddling two worlds she s a woman trying to keep her family alive PRE ORDER KINDLE PAPERBACK AUDIO Copyright Amy Harmon WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM BOOKBUB NEWSLETTER

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    I m only 37% into the book and already can tell it s going to be a high starred read for me, maybe even my first 5 star book of the year.Old school western romance, but absolutely beautifully written Stunning prose, and a plot that leaves me amazed More to comeUpdate and full review ___________________________________I ve read MANY historical western romance over the years, and the plot for Where the Lost Wander isn t unique, it s actually a fairly typical plot about a hero that is both, white and Native Indian, and a wagon train going west But what makes this book so fantastic is that the author took the basics of a classic historical western romance and turned it into a beautiful work of art.The book was just STUNNING Beautiful, raw, thoughtful, and touching.THE COMBINATION OF ALL OF THE ABOVE MADE FOR A COMPELLING, AND UNFORGETTABLE TALE.And I think what makes it stand out even is the eye for historical detail, the feeling that these people were drawn from something It s a love story, than a romance and it comes deep from the heart Naomi and John s love for each other was palpable, and transcendent.Where the Lost Wander isn t a steamy book There is actually barely any sex at all in this book Instead the romance goes much deeper, and the story follows this epic but also at times tragic journey across America, on a wagon train where many will never reach their destination 1850 s wasn t a kind period for settlers Battles between the natives and the settlers, sickness and disease ravaged the country This book is real, raw and feels entirely authentic.I fell in love with both, Naomi and John Both were steadfast, and grounded people Knowing what they wanted, but also aware of repercussions, and expectations Naomi had in someway an easier time because she was widowed and had the freedom to chose John without having to worry about what people thought John, was circumspect He knew what it meant to live as neither, fully white, nor fully native He walked as both but also lived in neither And he didn t want Naomi to feel the same So he had thoughts I liked that he was a thinker, quiet, peaceful, and hardworking Naomi was the dreamer, artist, carer They matched so well, and completed the other in a most touching way.This book was everything a historical western romance should be Incredibly well researched, characters that were likable and genuine, and a plot that had heart and soul.Warning If you have never read a historical western romance before, please be aware that the relationship between whites and Native Indian s was volatile and rape of woman was unfortunately something that occurred.ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Wow I m speechless This was an amazing journey This was my 11th book of Ms.Harmon and she always takes me to another places Her stories always warms my heart and I always feel that amazing connection between the main characters 3So long story short, Amy Harmon is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend this book to you Expected publication April 28th 2020 ARC provided by NetGalley I don t know what you re trying to tell me, Naomi whispers after a time, and I brush my lips across hers once before I make myself stop I missed you Her eyes search mine I didn t go anywhere You haven t even looked at me for the last ninety miles

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    4.5 STARS Amy Harmon at her best This is my 4th book by this author and I am sure of one thing after reading it Amy Harmon can really write Her prose is beautiful, flow of this story is well paced and her characters are real like and fleshed out Moreover, with this novel, she proves that she is great author of historical fiction Firstly What the Wind Knows and now Where the Lost Wander It was clear that Amy Harmon did her research well and provided detailed depiction of given historical period she didn t shy away from any drastic parts that were common for crossing Oregon Trail in 19th century and brought it alive for me It s the ability that I really treasure in authors of this genre and with this novel, Amy Harmon secured firm place among authors that I read automatically when they release new book At the end of the book, she even states which characters were real historical figures and what writing libirties she did or did not take to write their story I loved that The pain It s worth it The you love, the it hurts But it s worth it It s the only thing that is Now to the story I have always had this fascination with stories movies featuring Native Americans so Amy Harmon hit the mark with this novel for me Thanks to lush writing style and captivating storytelling, Where the Lost Wander turned out ot be very powerful historical novel with strong romantic element Romance wasn t the sole focus of this story which I was grateful for because I tend to get bored when book is focused only on romance There were so many other things going on and important topics being discussed, so no, I would not call this historical romance in its traditional meaning But even though romance wasn t the most important part of this book, it was still very potent and realistic Chemistry between John and Naomi was very strong and believable, I truly rooted for them to be together from the very beginning till the end of the book Author didn t go easy on them at all so there was not a single boring moment throughout the whole book when it comes to romance.I enjoyed this novel thoroughly and cannot wait for historical fiction by Amy Harmon ARC provided by publisher as an exchange for honest review

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    Amy Harmon does it again and I can t even say I m surprised She s a dynamic writer, with each book being better than the last Where the Lost Wander may be my new favorite of hers, and if I hadn t already made my list of favorite books for the year, this beauty would have been at the top of the list The word that comes to mind as I reflect on this book is rich The writing, the storytelling, the characters, the pacing, literally every facet of the book is exquisitely done.One of my favorite things about historical fiction is being sucked back in time as if I m actually there myself Unfortunately, many books within this genre do not possess the ability to transport me back Sometimes the history gets too heavy, making the plot drag Though I love pioneering stories, I thought this tale might have a tendency to drag as slowly as the oxen pulling the wagons Boy, was I wrong in my assumption Where the Lost Wander had no lulls I was sucked in as I read the very first page and was torn between eagerly reading and slowly savoring this book It was one I didn t want to end and I knew I would have the most epic of book hangovers after finishing As always, after finishing Amy s books I m at a loss for words I want to do the book the justice it deserves, but my language is inadequate There are numerous life lessons, beautiful sentiments, and emotional moments within this story It pulled deep feelings from me and had me in tears by the end of the book Sometimes blogging and reading can feel like a chore, with the special books coming fewer and farther between, but this was exactly the type of novel to reignite my love of reading.I especially loved that the story didn t sugarcoat the brutality of this time in history and the hardship of being a pioneering family Amy s author s note in the end made me further realize how often we try to reshape history to make us feel comfortable in our modern lives Whether we agree with the past, it s not our duty to rewrite the story We should accept it as is, if anything, it should make us better today.I eagerly recommend all of Amy s books to anyone and everyone, but this one is at the top of the stack Pick up a copy on April 28, 2020 you won t want to miss this evocative journey

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    This sounds so AMAZING BUT 2020 The waiting is going to KILL me Read now on Netgalley OMG I am starting this one as soon as I get rid of my arcs

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    I loved every word Beautiful writing, as always.

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    GUUUUUUYYYYSSSSS I haven t read it yet, but all books by Harmon sensei are AMYZING, like you could pick a paragraph at random and the writing would be AWESOMETACULARYou can preorder APRIL 28TH 2020I rarely read historical, but it s Harmon sensei so I can t wait You haven t read Harmon sensei yet What are you waiting for For all of us in the Kindle unlimited Elite it s We look so so so so smug now SMUG cuz it s FREE for us Join the KU elite We re the elite group in goodreads, we read the best books for a small monthly fee, discover new authors all the time and we still have money to purchase and books.

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    4.5 5 starsReview coming soon.

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Where the Lost Wander download Where the Lost Wander , read online Where the Lost Wander , kindle ebook Where the Lost Wander , Where the Lost Wander e42ff9778949 In This Epic And Haunting Love Story Set On The Oregon Trail, A Family And Their Unlikely Protector Find Their Way Through Peril, Uncertainty, And Loss The Overland Trail, Naomi May Never Expected To Be Widowed At Twenty Eager To Leave Her Grief Behind, She Sets Off With Her Family For A Life Out West On The Trail, She Forms An Instant Connection With John Lowry, A Half Pawnee Man Straddling Two Worlds And A Stranger In BothBut Life In A Wagon Train Is Fraught With Hardship, Fear, And Death Even As John And Naomi Are Drawn To Each Other, The Trials Of The Journey And Their Disparate Pasts Work To Keep Them Apart John S Heritage Gains Them Safe Passage Through Hostile Territory Only To Come Between Them As They Seek To Build A Life TogetherWhen A Horrific Tragedy Strikes, Decimating Naomi S Family And Separating Her From John, The Promises They Made Are All They Have Left Ripped Apart, They Can T Turn Back, They Can T Go On, And They Can T Let Go Both Will Have To Make Terrible Sacrifices To Find Each Other, Save Each Other, And Eventually Make Peace With Who They Are