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In the Shadow of the Valley files In the Shadow of the Valley , read online In the Shadow of the Valley , free In the Shadow of the Valley , free In the Shadow of the Valley , In the Shadow of the Valley 24870beab A Clear Eyed And Compassionate Memoir Of The Appalachian Experience By A Woman Who Embraced Its Astonishing Beauty, Narrowly Escaped Its Violence, And Struggles To Call It HomeBobi Conn Was Raised In A Remote Kentucky Holler In S Appalachia She Remembers Her Tin Roofed House Tucked Away In A Vast Forest Paradise The Sparkling Creeks, With Their Frogs And Crawdads The Sweet Blackberries Growing Along The Road To Her Granny S And Her Abusive Father, An Underemployed Alcoholic Whose Untethered Rage And Violence Against Bobi And Her Mother Were Frighteningly Typical Of A Community Marginalized, Desperate, And Ignored Bobi S Rule Of Survival Always Be Vigilant But Endure It SilentlySlipping Away From Home, Bobi Went To College And Got A White Collar Job Mistrusted By Her Family For Her Progress And Condescended To By Peers For Her Accent And Her History, She Was Followed By The Markers Of Her Class Though She Carried Her Childhood Self Everywhere, Bobi Also Finally Found Her VoiceAn Elegiac Account Of Survival Despite Being Born Poor, Female, And Cloistered, Bobi S Testament Is One Of Hope For All Vulnerable Populations, Particularly Women And Girls Caught In The Cycle Of Poverty And Abuse On A Continual Path To Worth, Autonomy, And Reinvention, Conn Proves Here That The Storyteller Is The One With Power

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    A Story of Travails and HopeAs I write this review during the coronavirus crisis, I find a book like this, which details one woman s journey from desperate circumstances in her childhood to success on her terms, to be uplifting and heartwarming, which is something I think we all need right now She describes what happened to her with such honesty Though the world she describes might seem foreign to those of us who have never lived in such a place or with those problems, her depiction of it makes it very real, which of course it was for her But not every author can describe what happened to them well I think writing a memoir is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you have had a difficult past But the author is good at just opening the vein, so to speak, and bringing us into her reality Bobi Conn, I wish you well in all of your future endeavors You deserve it My book blog

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